Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last week I was busy sewing for Nolan! I love having something that makes my day fly by! Brandon is at work from 9-12, he is home from 12-3 and then back to work from 3-7. I love having him home for a few hours during the day. So far I have made...

Burp cloths

Nautical style pillows

Baby quilt

I'm not sure what these will be...

Everything is still going perfect with me and Nolan! I was looking at a picture that Brandon took of me June 30th and I knew my stomach had gotten bigger. He took another one and it definitely had! It is hard because we see my tummy everyday, so we don't really notice the changes. In the last month he has grown so much. Starting off @ 11 inches and about 1 lb and now he is over 14 inches and over 2 lbs. Quite a growth spurt, so no wonder my stomach has rounded out so much! We are now seeing the midwife every two weeks, which will make these next 3 months go by much faster! We also start our Bradley method classes August 8th. They will be every Sunday from 1:30-4:00 until September 26th. The classes will be held at the birthing center, which is in Allen. Luckily it is only a 30 minute drive, since we will be going there 6 times a month for the next 2 months!!