Monday, August 16, 2010

Brandon's Graduation & {3rd} Trimster

This has been a very exciting week!! Saturday {August 14th} Brandon graduated from Parker! He graduated magna cum laude and 3rd in his class of 119. I am so proud of him and all hours and hard work he has had to to go though to get to this point.  We were very lucky that all our family was able to be there--we had a total of 13! My dad and I got to the church early to save seats- @7:45- to be exact- the doors didn't open until 9!! I was a bit crazy about making sure we had good seats and since the ceremony took place at our church, I knew exactly were we wanted to sit. I have to say, people were not happy when they got to the ceremony at 9:15 wanting the best seats and my dad and I were saving a whole row, but I didn't care!

Our view!

My parents

Brandon's mom, nanny, brother and sister-in law

Dr. Stakes and his wife

The graduate: Dr. Crawford

Best picture of the day--with miss Ava--
(not a wonderful picture of me, but the only one from the day)

After the gradation we had lunch at Saltgrass with everyone and then we went back to our apartments for cake. I make Brandon's favorite chocolate cake and it was very yummy!

My 3rd trimester started a week ago and things are still going great. We have started going to the midwife every 2 weeks and we have also stared our Bradley Method classes. We are really enjoying the classes. We both like the confidence we feel when we leave the class and they reassure us that we are making the best decision for our family.  
This is a picture from 28 weeks-- I am now 29 weeks! I was the first day of my 3rd trimester and the day of our first Bradley class.

Brandon is still enjoying his job and can't wait for his license to come in so they will put him in his own clinic. Hopefully his license will be in by November - it is crazy how long it takes to come in!!