Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nolan's Shower and More Sewing!

Can you tell I am ready for fall?? I am in need of cooler weather, Honeycrip apples (which should be in the store in few weeks), pumpkin pie, and of course to meet this little pumpkin that has been growing like crazy in my stomach! I am almost 33 weeks, so Nolan should now be over 4lbs and 17 inches long. CRAZY!! He isn't much of a kicker, or at least it doesn't feel like it, but he does like to stick his little butt out right above about my belly button. Speaking of belly buttons...mine is still a normal belly button, but is starting to frown and look sad from all the stretching. Brandon has been saying the center of the universe is located in my belly button and if it doesn't pop out soon, Stephen Hawking is going to come make sure it wasn't what actually created the universe! 
       Nolan has been mostly head down for about a month and over the past week is seems like he is getting more and more comfortable down there. He has the hiccups all the time and I can tell his hearing is getting better because anytime I start to sing or he hears something loud he will squirm a bit. He also seems to hate hearing babies cry! I was watching the new show on TLC, Quints by Surprise, and he started moving like crazy as soon as he heard them fussing. Many other times he has reacted the same way to crying babies. It is so amazing that it already seems like he is starting to develop his little personality. Brandon and I are getting ready for him to come out, but I am still feeling very comfortable pregnant. I do get seem to get tired faster when we are shopping or running errands. My feet also probably doesn't help that I wear sandals that have no support! Luckily, I can still wear my rings and my feet have only swollen two times, both were after we had eaten out.

On Sunday, we had a wonderful shower at First Baptist Clifton. It was such a blessing!

Before the shower

With the hostesses

The moms

The grandmothers

My sister

Beautiful quilt my grandmother, Wanda made for Nolan!

Hooter hider made by my sister

Nolan Lee pendant made by Autumn

Shoes my mom made for Nolan!


Rayeanne, Autumn, Me, and my mom. Rayeanne hosted my baby shower 23.5 years ago! It was so great to see her.

3 hooter hiders I made last week.

2 onsies I hand embroidered for Nolan.


This is a tree that I am going to embroider every month
 with a different theme and colors for each month! I will
take a picture of Nolan in them for his monthly picture.
One day I plan on making a quilt using the different onsies
I have embroidered for him!