Thursday, January 26, 2012

New year update

I'm going to get better at blogging, I promise!! I can't add pictures using my iPad, so I will have to do that later.

Nolan is getting to be such a big boy. He is almost 15 months old. He started walking at 10.5 months and is now running! He skipped puréed food and finally around 12.5 months decided to eat. He has 16 teeth, so we just need the two year molars and we will be done. He loves apples right now. He calls them "bapples". I leave it whole, peel half of it and he will bite off a bit and come back for more. He has a pretty large vocabulary. He will pretty much say anything. If I tell him, he knows it. Communication is not a problem. Signing helps too. He is very polite and will sign please and thank you. I won't try to list the words and signs now. He has a very strong will, and is not distracted very easily from what he wants. He does not forget!! He is still sleeping with us and nursing a lot, both during the day and at night. We are working on night weaning now and he hasn't nursed to sleep in days. After I sing/pat him to sleep, he sleeps in his crib. We have his crib pushed up against our bed with the side panel off, so our bed and his are level. He will sleep in his bed until 11 or 12 and then get in bed with us and start his nursing for the night. Next weekend we are going to start cutting out an hour, each week that he can nurse. Example, week one- he has to wait until 12. Week two- until 1. Etc. We will see how it goes. Pray for us :)

Brandon's practice is going very well. He is busy and it is continuing to grow. The Lord has definitely blessed us. We continue to be shocked at how much time we get to spend together. It helps that we are living above the office and can go see him whenever we want, but his 2 hr lunch break helps too. Everytime Nolan hears the door to downstairs crack, which it does every time a patient walks in the office, he says dada and holds his hands in the where position. It is really cute. I'm hoping he doesn't start beating on the door anytime soon. After lunch he gets sad when dada has to go back downstairs and will, say while crying bye bye dada dada. It breaks Brandon's heart.

We are finally down to one nap! Usually 1145-130ish. It is so nice to be able to go to the park to play or to lifetime to swim in the afternoons. Nolan is also loving his emler class. We have been to two. The first one was a bit overwhelming to him. It took half of the class for him to let go of my neck and have fun. This weeks class was much different. As soon as we walked in he started signing water please!! He is kicking really well and will jump in of the side and has breath control for 2-3 seconds so far. He isnt afraid of being under and will come up smiling and laughing. He is very proud of himself. We have 15 more weeks, so I am excited to see how much he will improve.

We have started school time. Just 20-30 minutes a day and he loves it. He will sit in front of his learning area and sign please. I have a chart for the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, opposites, and one of a boy and girl with body parts labeled. We are starting small and working on red, blue, and yellow. He knows the signs, but we are still working on recognition. He wants to read books all day, so we do a lot of that also. He LOVES to play hide/chase too! We stared potty time, just a time to introduce it. He like to watch the train on my iPad while he goes potty. He will sing train and that means potty time.

Pictures coming soon!!

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  1. I knew Nolan would love his swimming classes. Brandon is such a great Chiropractor how could his business not be successful. I know you are loving every minute of being a wife and mother and it shows. Love you, Mom, Baba