Thursday, January 26, 2012

The search for a church home...

The hardest part of our move to Austin has been trying to find a church home. I am not ready to put Nolan in the nursery, so I get to spend a little time in church during worship, but then nolan starts fussing and wants down. I find myself sitting in the nursing room. We have been to many churches, but haven't found the place we feel the Lord wants us to be. Never in my life have I longed to be around other Christian people. My whole life, I have been in church. We spend time with the Lord, but I never realized how important it is to spend time with other believers. Brandon and I want to be in church, but it is so discouraging to get ready, go to a church, spend the whole time in the nursing room, and go home. Sometimes I think maybe we should just settle and pick from a church we have been to, even though we really don't think any of the churches we have been to are where the Lord wants us to be. Is it better to just keep searching? It seems we can only grow so much, listening to Charles Stanley on the Sunday mornings I don't feel like getting ready to just sit with my sweet boy, alone in a room.

My prayer is that we find a church soon. When that happens I will become more comfortable putting Nolan in the nursery, once I get to know the people who work in there. Am I the only crazy stay at home mom that is just not willing to throw my kid into a room with people I do not know. It feels that way when the people in the nurseries, at the churches we have visited, have actually been quite rude. I have asked to go in the room with him, to let him play. The workers have not been very inviting. This upsets me, making it even harder to feel comfortable.

Just asking for your prayers. I believe we will find a church. Praying we find one...


  1. My heart goes out to you guys. I know God will lead you to the right place. He hears your heart. I love you...Mom.

  2. I know it's hard to leave your little one in the nursery, but I imagine Nolan would have a great time playing with the other children. There's different regulations of why parents can't stay in the room- which is nice for keeping "crazy" parents away from our own little ones but difficult when we want to go in! I'm on a volunteer rotation list for our church- so maybe that's an option you can look into. Definitely make sure you feel comfortable when you leave him- but I encourage you to give it a try!